Cruzer Jazz Trio

My earliest experiences with music were through my fathers encouragement, a drummer/percussionist of the most exacting standards. He introducing me to all kinds of music, classical, brass bands, ball room dance music, big- band and dixieland jazz amongst others. I studied the trumpet and piano from an early age, each instrument offering a different dimension into what would become a life-long journey of discovery. Although firmly fixated on learning the trumpet I soon realised the piano also offered the opportunity to be creative as I explored melodies, harmonies & rhythms.

The 1970’s for a teenager was an exciting time, rich in new styles and technologies that were constantly emerging in all kinds of music. Graduating from music college in 1982 I embarked upon a career in music happy to accept whatever would pay the rent, but as I became more competent and established I was able to be more selective.

The 80’s & 90’s saw many big changes in the music industry as ‘midi’ and pre- recorded audio backing music replaced much of the live and studio work. Musicians quickly realised they had to specialise and diversify in order to survive. I chose to focus on directing, scoring, session work and occasional tours with name artists. For relaxation I would play jazz with various bands, but this soon snowballed into becoming a dominant part of my musical career.

Most recently I have been the pianist and jazz- trio band leader aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. My remit includes overseeing and directing many regular jazz events involving artists from Juilliard & ‘Blue Note’ records , and of course Cunard’s famous ‘ Groovy’ choir

Feels So Good Intro

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